Required documentation for applying visa for retirement

1. Application formT.M.7 with one 4x6 cm photograph and 1900 Baht visa fee
2. Copy of passport (certified true copy all sides)

3. The required documentation for applying an visa in case ofretirement

3.1. The applicant is 50 years old or older
3.2. The applicant is not prohibited to enter Thailand
3.3. The evidences to show status of finance in case of

A. Having money 800,000 Baht in the bank account
Bank account and financial statement showing money in the account not less than 800,000 baht an account in the bank longer than three months
B. Having pension/social welfare not less then 65,000 Baht
Statement of pension/social welfare from the Embassy or Consulate of applicant's Country to certify that you receive not less than 65,000 Bath per month
C. Having money in the bank account and (pension per month x 12), totally not less then 800,000 Baht

4. The medical letter from the reliable hospital