Visa Alien married to a Thai woman

Extension of stay for family member of the (applicable only to parents, spouse, children or children of spouse) Non-Immigrant Visa (Non-O)

In case of alien married to a Thai woman either party or both must have a total income of not less than Baht 40.000 per month, except for aliens who entered the kingdom before this order came into force and has been granted a permit to stay in the Kingdom prior, if the aliens does not have the minimum income per above, he shall have an account deposit in Thailand in the name of either party or both of not less than Baht 400.000. Proof of account for the previous 3 months is required.

Contact the Immigration office to submit the following documents:

1. Application Form (T.M.7)
2. Copy the applicant's passport
3. Copy of the family relationship proof. E.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate,
registration of legimate child, household registration certificate, proof of child adoption, or any other evidence issued by the authority or goverment agent concerned.
4. Proof of Thai nationality of spouse parents, child or adopted child such as identication card, household registration certificate or other document issued by the authority of government agency concerned.
5. Only case of an alien married to a Thai woman, a letter of confirmation from a bank in Thailand and copy of bank book or proof of income of either party or both in the total amount of not less then Baht 40.000 per month, such as personal income tax return with receipt, proof of pension, proof of interests earned from bank account.